Our Neighbor

The floor is hard, even through the plush padded carpet I can tell my tailbone is going to hurt but with Dominic on top of me, one hand between my legs and the other pulling the baby hairs on the back of my neck, I don’t mind much. He still has his shirt on and he smells so good, it’s the same cologne my high school lit teacher used to wear. I’m pulling at the back of his shirt trying to get it off but he keeps sinking his teeth into my shoulders between kisses. It hurts and I’m trying to get him to hurry up and fuck me. I know we don’t have that much time. Lane will be home soon, he gets off work at eight and I can see the darkness seeping in through the shaded windows.

I give one more hard yank at Dom’s shirt and he finally sits up to take it off. He looks down at me, his eyes are dark and his hair is darker where it’s falling across his forehead. He takes in a deep breath and leans back down to kiss my neck, I can feel a smile against my skin and a breathy laugh.

“Come on,” I mumble, digging my fingers into the curly hair at the back of his head.

He sits up again, reaching down to unzip his jeans, his dark skin and bare broad shoulders on display begging for me to reach up and run my nails across his chest. It’s through his hiss of breath that I hear it.

Keys. Keys hitting the tiled floor and a deep huffed laugh of disbelief.

“Mel? Are you- What is-,” his words keep getting caught in his throat and I can hear the hurt in his voice. I feel like the world’s biggest asshole.

Lane didn’t know this was coming. He didn’t know I was unhappy, I didn’t even really know I was unhappy. I could have sucked it up. I didn’t have to do this and make him unhappy too.

I pushed at Dominic’s chest. He needed to get off of me, I needed to make this better.

“Lane,” I say, pushing myself off the ground. I try to ignore the pain on his face when he sees the bite marks on my skin but his eyes are glossed and out of all the years I’ve known him I’ve never seen him cry.

“Melissa, why are you-,” he stops when Dom turns around and he can finally see his face. “Dominic?”


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